usinage plomb

Mass machining of lead parts or rework on foundry parts

  • Maximum capacity in CNC milling: 650x400x450mm
  • Maximum dimensions of revolution parts (turning): Ø400x300mm as standard
  • Machining tolerances: Js12/Js13 or Iso mK2768 as standard
  • Lead grades available: with 3% minimum antimony
  • Surface condition: < Ra 3.2 Option: Supply of control specimen and material analysis certificate (CCPU)
  • From a 2D or 3D plan, possibly model part if the shapes are simple.
  • Our design office carries out your assemblies and drawing of parts with delivery of plans in 2D PDF or 3D format ready for industrialization.
contrepoids plomb

Counterweight, lead ingots

blindage plomb

Radiological protection door

lead sheets

Rolled / Lead sheets

assemblage château de plomb

Lead Castle, handling pot, lead shielded drums


Specific counterweight


Radiation protection bunker