Lead has been used since very ancient times. It has enabled inventions such as the plumb line, printing characters, batteries. Because of its toxicity, regulations have created a framework that governs its use, but it is still essential in many industries

We manufacture pieces for different industries: Medical, Nuclear industry and Construction

  • We use it for filling welding structures (stainless steel/steel) in the civilian nuclear or medical industries where the main application is radiological protection.
  • We manufacture cast parts which are then machined in-house or by our clients, including subassemblies with or without assembly work.
  • Other products manufactured are keel bulbs, auxiliary ballast weights and counterweights.
  • We have significant experience in manufacturing precision counterweights by high-pressure injection (tolerance 0.01g).


Lead alloys can be used both with a pressurized process and in gravity casting (shell molding,sand).
The lead we use stems from 100% recycled material, we collect your end-of-life products for recovery.